1900-1960- Wood windows -double hung, sliding, casement, awning, hopper and pocket windows. Wood windows were the most popular type of window for 60 years because of their depth and beauty.  They could also be painted any color, or stained to bring out the beauty of the wood grain, while matching the mood of any home. 95% of wood windows are repairable.

1930-1960- Steel windows -casement, some slider (rare) and some double hung (rare) windows. There is minimal frame thickness, meaning there is almost unobstructed viewing. This is why you can still see them in homes with beautiful views.  95% of steel windows are repairable.

1955-1965- Glass louvered (Jalousie style) windows were the coolest things around.  They offer 100% air flow when opened, and twice the airflow compared to all other standard windows (except casements). In the 60’s, aluminum windows became popular and homeowners found that louvers were easy to break into, and leaked air. Today we are able to make louvered windows secure from break-ins and weather-strip them.

1958-1995 – Aluminum windows -single hung, slider, and casement windows. These became very popular because their minimal frame brings in maximum light and viewing.   They are low maintenance and have no need for painting.  95% of aluminum windows are repairable.

*1990 to present-Vinyl windows are in style.  They offer low maintenance, never need painting, and have excellent thermal and sound reduction properties.   85-90% of vinyl windows are repairable.