1. Problem: You can’t lock your windows because the sashes don’t meet, and that affects the seal between the sashes.

Cause: This often happens when the top sash dropped and was then painted.

HWR (Home Window Repairs) Solution: We free up the top sash and align it. If the sashes have warped over time, so that they won’t seal even after you can lock the windows, we’ll fix that too.

  1. Problem: Your windows are drafty.

Cause: There is a gap between the upper and lower window sashes or there is a gap between the bottom sash and the sill.

HWR Solution: We weather-strip your windows with hidden silicone weather-strip.

  1. Problem: Your windows rattle, there is a draft, and it’s hard to operate your windows.

Cause: Often the jamb is worn.

HWR Solution: We add wood to each side of the sash to make up the space between jambs and weather-strip the windows to prevent air leakage

  1. Problem: You can’t open your windows.

Cause: Your windows have been painted too many times.

HWR Solution: We strip the paint and will make sure the painter knows not to paint the pulley, sash cord, jamb, parting bead and sides of the sash.

  1. Problem: The windows are leaking.

Cause: The glazing putty has deteriorated and may have fallen out, exposing the joints to rot.

HWR Solution: We re-putty the windows or replace the putty with permanent caulking.

  1. Problem: Your windows are not structurally secure and look terrible.

Cause: There is wood rot or deep scratches.

HWR Solution: We epoxy joints, or if necessary replace the rotted parts.

  1. Problem: Your pulleys are squeaky.

Cause: There is a build- up of rust and a lack of lubrication over time.

HWR Solution: We lubricate your channels and chain pulleys.

  1. Problem: You have broken or painted parting beads, broken locks, or broken pulleys.

Cause: Abnormal wear over time, due to lack of maintenance and rust.

HWR Solution: We replace the parting beads, locks, and rope pulleys when needed. We will replace the ropes with the same cotton ropes initially used except they are now sun resistant.

  1. Problem: You’re tired of hearing your neighbor’s kids, car alarms and loud discussions alongside traffic or airplane noise.

Cause: The windows are not weather-stripped.

HWR Solution: We replace the parting beads and install weather-stripping.

  1. Problem: Your sashes have rot or weather damage.

Cause: There’s been a lack of maintenance.

HWR Solution: We repair the sashes with liquid epoxy.  For more serious sash rot, we’ll replace the sash with the same construction and window style as the other windows in the house. (including mortise and tenon construction)