1. Problem: The double-hung or slider windows don’t lock.

Cause: The sashes don’t meet, the frame has shifted to be out of square, the interlock is warped or bent, or the lock is broken.

HWR (Home Window Repairs) Solution: We adjust the frame to be square in the opening, thus allowing the sash a full range of motion.  If the sashes have warped over time, so that they won’t seal even after you can lock the windows, we’ll fix that too.

  1. Problem: You can’t open your windows.

Cause: There is a faulty balancer

HWR Solution: We replace the balancer.

  1. Problem: The sashes don’t interlock and lock

Cause: The plastic is warped.

HWR  Solution: We heat the plastic to reform the shape of the meeting rail.

  1. Problem: Vinyl can warp over time and windows won’t close properly.

Cause: Sun can warp the vinyl.   Additionally, if a problem is left unresolved for an extended amount of time, the vinyl will have a memory,  and warp in wrong positions  causing it not to close or slide properly.

HWR Solution: We heat and stretch vinyl.