1. Problem: The windows scrape or simply don’t close.

Cause: The sashes warped, and/or the paint thickness built up, when the sashes were repainted over time.  The home settled and the steel frames changed shape.

HWR (Home Window Repairs) Solution: We remove paint and shave protruding metal on the bottom of  the sashes and frames to bring the tops back to alignment.   We adjust operators to allow for easier opening and closing, even when the windows are open at 90 degree or wider positions.  We remove paint build- up and lubricate the hinges with light oil and rust retardant.  We adjust locks for better alignment so that the windows can seal and easily be pulled closed.  When there is severe rust, (looks like shredded wheat) we remove the rails or grids and replace them with new ones.

  1. Problem: The windows don’t lock easily.

Cause: Same as above. In addition, the locks don’t adjust to the degree needed or desired.

HWR Solution: The locks and keepers may need to be replaced or modified.

  1. Problem: The glazing putty is coming off, pulling away from the glass, or has deep ridges.

Cause: Erosion over time can weaken the putty.

HWR Solution: We replace defective glazing putty.