Problem: The windows are hard to open and close.

Cause: The sashes or frames are out of square. The hinges are worn, causing the sashes to drop down. The weather-stripping is bunched up.  The operator gears are rusty. The sashes may be loose.

HWR (Home Window Repair) Solution: We refit the sashes to the frames to allow for newer more pliable weather-strip.  We lubricate or replace the hinges (if they are modern hidden hinges, we replace them, since they only last 10-20 years and are dangerous if they come apart.) If the hinges are the visible, historic type, we adjust the position of the hinges to the frames and sashes, and lubricate with a rust retardant. These hinges often last well over 100 years. If sashes need tightening, we pin the tenons or dowel the corners.  We install new weather-strip.