1. Problem: The windows stick on the bottom when opened.

Cause: Your house has settled and the frame has shifted, or paint has built up over time.

HWR (Home Window Repairs) Solution: We refit the sashes to the frames to allow ease of movement, while allowing for future paint coatings. New silicone bulb weather-stripping is a big help in keeping things air tight, reducing noise control and buffering future home settling.

  1. ProblemWater and bugs are coming into the house especially on the south wall.

Cause: Improper repairs have resulted in components being cut or sanded down, destroying the original proper seating of the bottom of the sashes.

HWR Solution: We adjust the sashes by realigning the hinges or replacing missing wood. Adding outside copper drip lips, as well as silicone weather-stripping, will divert the water and seal any minor gaps.

  1. ProblemWater is leaking in from the glass.

Cause: Many well- built windows were back glazed as well as front glazed, creating a water- tight fit for the glass. The glazing (putty) and back glazing can deteriorate over time, allowing water infiltration (usually on the most sun exposed windows).

HWR Solution: We replace the front glazing putty with a material similar to the glazing of the time. If the back glazing putty is compromised, the glass must be removed and the back glazing putty should be replaced. The original glass can be reinstalled, unless new glass is desired. The 4 joints of each window should be checked for rigidity. We re-pin the tenons or dowel the corners when necessary.

  1. Problem: There is wood damage on one of the 4 sash rails or on the frames.

Cause: Improperly maintained windows and /or paint issues can create wood damage.

HWR Solution: We replace the rotted wood, or if the wood is not too damaged, we use wood epoxy. If the frames have rotted sills or side jambs, it is often cost effective to replace the wood with redwood or cypress wood.

  1. Problem: The windows’ locks are too loose, too tight, or broken.

Cause: The sashes don’t fit properly.

HWR Solution: We refit the sashes and adjust the locks for easy and secure locking. If the locks are broken, they can be replaced with new replicas or other antique locks.

  1. ProblemThe hardware is ugly.

Cause:  It has been painted over too many times.

HWR Solution: Assuming the hardware is structurally in good condition, the painted hardware can be dipped in a paint stripper and either reinstalled or painted in black enamel. The hardware can be replaced with new solid brass hardware, with the same vintage look. True antique hardware can be acquired as well.

  1. Problem: I want to stain the wood inside.

Cause: My windows were painted.

HWR Solution: Stripping the paint for the purpose of staining the wood, rarely comes out looking good (to the discriminating eye). The original primer often seeps into the wood making it very difficult to remove, unless you sand the wood down. Many painstaking hours have been applied to stripping paint, just to find out that after staining, the primer still shows through, forcing you to stain it darker than you had planned. It is usually best that we build new sashes in Douglas fir to acquire a visually consistent grain for staining.