1. Problem: The slider panels don’t slide easily.

Possible Causes: The sliding panels slid off the tracks, or the tracks are full of dirt. If the window is over 15 years old, the rollers may have cracked, broken or seized from moving. The weather-stripping could be too tight. The glass could be bowed from when the windows were new, or the frame may be bent.

HWR (Home Window Repairs) Solutions: We remove sliding panels, clean out tracks and water escape trays, grind the sliding tracks smooth to eliminate pitting and oxidation, replace rollers and bushings, and shave off some of the overly bushy weather-stripping. (If needed)  If the windows are over 15 years old, we’ll replace the weather-stripping.

  1. Problem: The vertical rails separate from the glass when you attempt to open or close the windows.

Cause: The sliding panels are too heavy to slide and pull the rubber spline off the glass. They could be too heavy to slide for any of the reasons listed in Problem #1, above. Additionally, if the glass was recently replaced, the glass could be the wrong thickness for the spline that wraps around the glass.

HWR Solutions: We remove the sliding panels, remove the rails, reinstall the spline (or replace the spline with a spline that has a snugger fit) and then include relevant solutions related to problem #1above.

  1. Problem: The windows don’t meet up or lock

Cause: The sliding panels may have separated the glass from the spline.  The locks may need adjustment or replacement.

HWR Solutions: We adjust or replace the locks if necessary, and continue with the same solution as problem # 2 above. Reattach the spline to the glass.

  1. Problem: The windows scrape metal to metal when opening or closing it.

Cause: The plastic guides are worn down.

HWR Solution: We replace the plastic guides.

  1. Problem: On windy days, (or when trucks drive by), the windows rattle, you feel a draft, or the drapes move.

Cause: The weather-stripping is worn down.

HWR SolutionWe replace the weather-stripping.