About Ed

Ed Sanchez, who has worked with windows since 1983, was employed by window manufacturers before starting his own window replacement company in 1986. As years passed, he found that replacement windows didn’t last as long as original ones, and realized it was a better choice for homeowners to restore their original windows.

As a result, in 2000, Ed opened a new company, the first of its kind in Orange County, CA, called Window Restoration and Repair.  As homeowners increasingly grew to maintain the original craftsmanship of their historic homes, the business grew, and Ed took on a business partner. In 2013 they sold the company which by then had an excellent reputation.  Ed’s new company, Home Window Repairs, brings windows back to efficient working operation, in the counties of Ventura, and Santa Barbara. If you’re interested in having Ed talk to your group at no cost about how to repair and restore wood and steel windows, he can be reached at edwindowrepair@yahoo.com.